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Barcelona must submit their plans to sign Messi to La Liga at the end of the month.

Barcelona will have to submit an economic plan to La Liga in order for the club to be given the green light to pre-sign Lionel Messi and register players.

RAC1 correspondent Roger Zaperas reported on Thursday that. Barcelona must submit their final economic plans to La Liga by April 30 so the club can register and sign Pre-contract with Lionel Messi. 

Barcelona are facing financial fair play issues and must be given the green light by La Liga. With the Azulgrana having until April 30 to submit their final economic plan. Finally let La Liga consider whether they can sign Messi and register players UFABET

Once a club has presented its economic plan. La Liga will consider setting a salary cap for all clubs. The Azulgrana now know what kind of difference they will have ahead of the summer. And what kind of contract offer they can offer the Argentine striker. 

As for Messi, there has been a concrete offer from Paris Saint-Germain. But the Argentinian has yet to sign as he is waiting to learn more about his sporting plans for next season. The 35-year-old striker has also received a huge €400m offer from Saudi Arabia.

Previously, it was reported that Messi could offer a two-year contract with a net wage of not more than 13 million euros per season. While the club’s economic plan expects the sale of two key players. Including Reducing the wages of other players in the team to open space for the Argentine striker as well.