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‘Postecoglou’ emerges as London’s best coach

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou beat Arsenal’s Miguel Arteta to the winner of the Manager of the Year award. From the London Football Association, ทางเข้า Postecoglou just left Celtic to take control of the “Golden Spurs” for the first half of the season. and was chosen

‘Rashford’ opens up about his mistakes like a human being.

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s dynamic young forward, responds to those who doubt his dedication to the club. Ready to explain that he made a mistake only as a human being. But his image was molded by the media to the point that it didn’t match his true

Arteta missed a good deal from ‘Timber’ after a long injury

Mikel Arteta reveals Arsenal missed out on many benefits from the absence of Gerrion Timber, who has been injured since the start of the season. Arsenal signed Timber from Ajax for a fee of £40 million. Last summer And had to encounter bad news after he

‘Wright’ believes the EPL reduced the penalty on Everton

England football legend Ian Wright believes Manchester City will be delighted after the Premier League announced the reduction of Everton’s points penalty from 10 to 6 points earlier this week. Back in November “Blue toffee. Charged with breaching financial rules after the club lost more than £105m

Arteta is serious about targeting Onana strengthen Arsenal

Arteta is serious about targeting Onana to strengthen Arsenal’s midfield. Revealing the target that Mikel Arteta wants to bring in to strengthen Arsenal’s midfield in the future is Amadou Onana, Everton’s rising midfielder. That the target that Mikel Arteta wants to bring in to strengthen Arsenal midfield in the

Chelsea board Pochettino after repeating his poor performance

Chelsea board towards Pochettino after repeating his poor performance in the first season. The media confirms that the Chelsea board still has full trust in Mauricio Pochettino, the Argentinian coach, without thinking of making any additional changes throughout this season. Chelsea’s board of directors still fully trusts Mauricio

Bayern reach agreement to acquire Dier from Spurs

Bayern reach agreement to acquire Dier from Spurs. Eric Dier, England defender, has completed his move from Spurs to Bayern Munich. Only an official announcement from all involved parties remains. Eric Dier, England defender It’s time to play football abroad again. By moving from Spurs to play with Bayern Munich, Bundesliga champions 11

Spurs players who perform well, James Maddison

Spurs players who performed well, James Maddison. Playmaker for the England national team, It is another one that makes the Liverpool defense have a hard time. And it was the starting point that led to the goal. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท  Van de Ven said of Maddison : “He is one

Mickey Van de Ven, the new Iron Wall and his mission to win

Mickey Van de Ven, the new Iron Wall and his mission to win the hearts of Spurs fans. At many moments in the Premier League game last weekend between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool , “Golden Spurs” fans would shout the name of Mickey van de Ven, the Dutch center half. who recently moved from Wolfsburg ,