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AC Milan play Torino 0-0, leading the Inter Milan by 2 points.

AC Milan only managed a 0-0 draw with Torino in Serie A on Sunday. Which is now 2 points ahead of Inter Milan plus more than 1 match.

At the Stadio Olimpico Di Torino 13 minutes later Torino miss the chance to lead. When Merguim Voivoda Cross provide Andrea Belotti. A heavy hitter, but the ball slipped out of the box behind him.

After the 29th minute. AC Milan called for a penalty when Alexis Salmakers was knock down. But the referee UFABET continued to play.

Played up to the 50th minute, Bull Hin had a chance to win the door again. This time it was Merguim Voivoda, pressed with the full right. but not past Mike Mennon’s defense

The red devil tried to find some rhythm and got a chance to win in the 57th minute when the ball fell through Sandro Tonali, shot in the penalty area, but the ball was blocked.

Two minutes later, Rossoneri yelled for another penalty when Theo Hernandez fell, but the referee continued to ignore the game.

In the third minute of stoppage time, the visiting team will take a penalty. This time, Junior Messius was taken, but the referee still refused. The game ended 0-0, with AC Milan now collecting 68 points, two points ahead of Inter and playing more than one game.