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Atletico Madrid sports director to work

Atletico Madrid sports director to work.

  • Manchester United want Andrea Berta
  • The club’s business operations were not successful.
  • There are many teams interested as well.

ufabet famous media outlet. Announced that Manchester United, a giant club in the English Premier League. Is consider the possibility of approaching Andrea Berta, sports director of Atletico Madrid . Letico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga battle came to work at Old Trafford.

Over the years, Manchester United has not been as successful in business as it should be. Since Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Scottish coach, retired, the “Red Devils” have not seem able to strengthen their troops according to their goals.

However, recently there have reports that the Manchester United board has started looking for skilled people to take care of the team’s buying and selling in the future. With the name of 51-year-old Berta being the first choice that they want to bring in . Come to work

For Berta, he joined Atletico Madrid in 2013 as technical director. Before moving to the position of sports director from 2017 until the present. And has played an important role in making the “Atletico” party successful in doing business throughout.

In addition to Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Paris Saint-Germain are also interested in Berta.