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Mickey Van de Ven, the new Iron Wall and his mission to win

Mickey Van de Ven, the new Iron Wall and his mission to win the hearts of Spurs fans.

  • Tottenham Hotspur fans love Mickey van de Ven.
  • This player has just moved in.
  • quickly became the main character

At many moments in the Premier League game last weekend between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool , “Golden Spurs” fans would shout the name of Mickey van de Ven, the Dutch center half. who recently moved from Wolfsburg , which shows that He has already become accepted.

Van de Ven stands in command of the defense alongside Cristian Romero, defender of the Argentine national team. can be strong and handles the offensive line very well It was also considered an important part in giving the team an important victory over the “Reds” 2-1. Report from สมัคร ufabet

The Dutch defender said: “Christian Romero and I can feel what each other is doing. 

If he moves the ball forward He must know that I have his back. And if I take the ball up I know he’s protecting me too. It’s just the feelings you have for each other. which unites us both on the field We get along automatically.”

“Liverpool are a really good team but I think we were strong on the ball. And our position is good. Both teams have about the same chance. I think both teams are very close. I think Liverpool now think that we are a new Spurs team. Then they are familiar with it. Confronting us.”

Under new Australian coach Anke Postegoglu, Spurs have used a combination of possession and possession. Get on the ball from the defensive line and high pressure in the opponent’s territory which they clearly showed against Liverpool

Meanwhile, even though Liverpool had fewer players in the first half after Curtis Jones was sent off the field by Red Devils, Van de Ven knew that Jurgen Klopp ‘s team was strong and careless. Not even a little bit.

Van de Ven said: “Liverpool have beaten Newcastle United with 10 men before, so you know they are a good team. You just have to be careful. And they scored 1-1 with 10 men. Luckily we scored 2-1 at the end.”