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Ralph Rangnick wants to improve the team.

Ralph Rangnick, Acting Manager of Manchester United has a determination for the year 2022 that. He wants to improve the team as a whole. Both offensively and defensively so that they can win success until the end.

Despite having only a half-year contract. Ralph Rangnick boss believes there is more than enough time to refine his squad to wait for someone to pick up the batting batsman or to take his own, potentially taking on a full-time commitment.

“ Just trying to improve with the whole team.”

“ This is my job. and don’t sit and think too much at the end of the season No one knows the future in advance. ”  

“ We may be able to look into the prophetic glass. But we have no way of getting an answer. For us, it only says what the next step is and develops the strength we have now. ” 

“ I think we’ve made a lot of progress now. Even in my mind, I saw that we didn’t train together as much as we wanted to UFABET. ”

“ As you know, I see players in the learning curve. to go to the next step. This to me is an important part that will continue into the next week. ”

Rangnick ‘s four games in the evolving league are tougher defenses, conceding just two goals from 360 minutes.